Luvaas Cobb has an exceptional team of staff members who bring a wealth of experience, respect and compassion to the representation of our clients.

Candyce L. Steward

Office Administrator

Julie Cartmill

Probate Paralegal /
Legal Assistant to
Varner Jay Johns III

Sheri L. Cooke

Advanced Certified Paralegal /
Legal Assistant to
J. Dominic Monahan

Monica D. LaRosa

Licensed Private Investigator /
Legal Assistant to
Erin A. Fennerty and Jessica A. Rogers

Brandie M. Davies

Legal Assistant to
George A. Burgott and David A. Jacobs

Annette Fergason

Legal Assistant to
Eric S. DeFreest,
Robert H. Fraser and
Joe B. Richards

Melissa A. Kindred

Legal Assistant to
Lann D. Leslie and
Wilson “Bo” C. Muhlheim

Jacquelyn “Jackie” D. Humphrey

Legal Assistant to
Janice E. Hatton and Andrew M.J. Pinchin

Tracy J. Thomas

Legal Assistant to
Douglas A. Nelson

Shannon Biggar


Helga H. Lay